MJ’s Steakhouse Gambles On Fine Dining at Casino Venues

Michael Jordan is nationally recognized for excellence. Six championships in the NBA, five MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals elevate His Airness to a level of unparalleled greatness. His brand follows suit. Gracing everything from apparel to restaurants, MJ’s iconic name adds a sense of exclusivity that makes customers feel that by patronizing his brand, they are a part of his legacy. Hosting a MJ branded steakhouse is a major coup for Ilani Casino in Washington state and Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. The restaurants and the brand draw fans to the casinos’ gaming experience.

In 2011, the University of Massachusetts completed a study that delved into how food offerings affect the behavior of gaming customers. According to the study, casinos do not expect restaurants to be the main source of revenue. Food establishments are used to market the casino and to increase the number of daily players. Gamers who can afford to lose up to $400 per day elevate casino revenue. These gamers are attracted to exclusive restaurant incentives. Most casinos provide full-service dining options to bring in more players.

Casinos offer a variety of different food options from buffets to exclusive fare. The social ambience attracts gamers who are looking for a welcoming and fun atmosphere. With lunch and dinner options that cater to diverse culinary tastes, casinos aim to attract repeat business.

Alternatively, the restaurants serve the purpose of keeping gamers at the casino. Casinos know that if a player must leave the building for a meal, he is not likely to return. It’s a part of the strategy to introduce the player to an environment that makes him want to come to the casino and choose to stay for a long time. Fine dining is one way to achieve this goal.

Jordan’s steakhouse fits the bill with a dining experience that parallels and represents the icon’s ability to reach new heights. With succulent cuts of meat, expertly crafted liquor choices, and impeccable service, the restaurant transcends the fine dining experience. It gives gamers the perfect reason to stay at the casino, because the food exudes MJ’s passion for greatness.