Nike and Air Jordans Bigger Than Any Controversy

When Nike openly courted controversy with the adoption of football star Colin Kaepernick as its face in August 2018, many thought that the company had made a blunder of monumental proportions. The experts, however, disagreed that it was a mistake.

A good number of those who have been around the market for a while and on the real avenues away from the computer keyboard know that controversy often sells. They also know that Nike has always been able to weather seeming negative publicity by continuously producing high-quality apparel that most of its lovers, addicts if you may, just can’t do without.

One such brand is the Air Jordans. Named after legendary basketballer Mike Jordan, the footwear brand has grown beyond the basketball court and taken its dominant place among fashion brands for every sort of American. Air Jordan lovers are always ready to fork out the asking price for a new release.

As you may have noted, even when some angry people were spotted burning or defacing ‘Nike apparel,’ Air Jordans were conspicuously absent. No sane person can really fathom defacing their Jordans!

And, as usual, the excitement went through the roof when Nike gave a sneak peak of 2018’s fall Jordans before they hit retail stores. Which begs the question, ‘why does Nike maintain its appeal even in the face of controversy?’

Quality creations

No matter how much you market, quality of product is what keeps people coming back. Nike knows this only too well. Through the continuous production of stylish and comfortable footwear, more so the Jordans, the company has been able to breed a crop of loyal customers who cannot picture themselves in any other type of shoe.

The praise from this loyal fanbase ensures they continue to attract new customers each day.


Being at the right place at the right time is such a wonderful strategy, but even more genius is being there first. Just imagine how different things would have been if Michael Jordan had been tapped by New Balance or even Adidas. First mover advantage is a very real thing.