The Jordan Casino: Nike’s continued appeal to gamers

Despite Nike’s dominance of the footwear market, the company has continued to look for new ways to appease its loyal customers and bring even more followers to its fold. The apparel Jordan clearly knows what a passionate lot video and casino gamers are and has not showed any refrain in seducing them.

Gamers love a good athlete; Nike have just that in the form of Michael Jordan. Decades after exit from the court, Jordan has continued to be a huge driving force in Nike’s marketing strategy especially among game lovers. The Jordan brand of kicks has only worked to grow this influence.

Imagine playing a game of basketball on your console or online slot and having Michael Jordan at your disposal. Well, you don’t have to just imagine, because Nike has actively partnered with Mike and game developers to make this a reality. In games like Basketball Star, the legend is there in all his glory. The graphics on both video and casino games are all top notch, probably because of Nike’s insistence on quality.

In video games , however, some people have argued that Michael Jordan’s abilities are not packed to the levels they would expect. Well, that would be quite understandable if you look at it objectively. The levels achieved by Michael Jordan in his day were so high that there is really very little left to the software developer’s creative mind.

Nike does not leave online games’ enthusiasts out either. The Jordans’ line of footwear is always looking to mesh its style with some of the game themes at every turn. In 2018, for instance, you can easily order a Nintendo themed sneaker for yourself. Sporting the kicks during your sessions really makes you feel a new level of connection.

Nike’s continued investment in research even after reaching the top has been one of the reasons for it’s continued dominance. Like a seasoned gambler, Nike is always on the lookout small and new tactics that can give it a market edge. And they keep hitting the jackpot every damn time!